Weekend 3 Varadero and Havana

Today was beach day in Veradero! The sun was shining and it was hot! It was the perfect beach day. The water was so clear and the sand very white; everything that you would want in a tropical beach. We ate lunch at a restaurant right across the road from the beach and I finally got to eat seafood and I had shrimp and lobster, which were delicious although their pina coladas were not as good as expected. Not only was the beach amazing but we also walked through some of the local shops to get some souvenirs. Overall the beach and going swimming was amazing to just relax. The water was very salty, much more than I expected. When we got to Havana that night we attempted to go to a restaurant across from the look a like Washington white house building but it was an hour and half wait to we trusted the guy who worked there and walked for probably a good 15 – 20 minutes to a restaurant that he said had the exact same menu but was way over priced. We ended up eating at this little hole in the wall restaurant that didn’t have bad food but at this point in the night it was already 11 and I was so tired that I didn’t really care if we ate anymore.

On Sunday we got to sleep in which was amazing, as I don’t think I slept in once the entire trip. The sad part was that this was our last day in Cuba. In the morning we walked around a bit just close to the guesthouse as we were meeting everyone for lunch at 1. During our tour around we saw the Capitolio National (Capital Building), we found China town and walked around for a bit, Gran Teatro de la Habana (National Theatre) and the Funete de la India (India fountain). After this we headed to lunch, which was at a restaurant just down from our guesthouses and was delicious and different. We got to eat Italian food which was a completely switch from everything we had eaten over the last three weeks.

After lunch everyone headed to Old Havana but they walked and I took a bicycle taxi, as there were cathedrals that I wanted to see that no one else did. We were all going to meet up to go to an exhibit that showed us something like a panorama of the city and explained all the buildings but it was closed I found out later as I never did find anyone from the group to meet up with. So after I saw the Castillo de la Real Fuerza which was a fort erected in 1589 and the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales that has marine fossil embedded into the limestone, I walked down Calle Obispo which has many different architectural styles which was amazing to see. I walked all the way to the Plaza de la Catedral where the Catedral de San Cristobal de la Habana was and then waited for around 20 minutes for someone from the group to show up. When no showed up I hoped into a taxi and went on a tour of Havana by myself and saw many amazing sights. I went through the Bahia de la Habana tunnel and saw the Statue of Christ (Estatua de Cristo). I saw the Fortelaza de San Carlos de la Cabana, the Castillo de los Tres Santos Reyes Magnos del Morro and the Barteria de los Poce Apostoles where I saw amazing views and architectures at all stops.

Around 6 I headed back to the guesthouse to change and get ready for dinner with everyone. We grabbed street pizzas, which were huge but good and headed down to the harbour, which is called the Malecon to watch the sunset and hear the cannon. We managed to watch the sunset but we couldn’t hear the cannon fire probably due to the noise of the wind and ocean. The Malecon is a break wall around the edge of the city to protect it against the ocean waves most of the time.

Monday morning came really early, as we had to load the bus at 5:30. On our way to airport we found out our plane was delayed by 4 hours till 12:00 pm and then the transportation for the flight attendants never showed up so they were late. We finally took off around 1:00 pm and I was so happy to be going home.



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