Day 1 of Road Trip North and East

After our amazing day trip to the south east Valerie and I headed on a 2 day adventure heading north first and then east.  We drove thru the tunnel so that Valerie can say that she did it and headed to an amazing waterfall that was so blue and beautiful.  The waterfall is called Hraunfossar and there is a smaller one upstream a little and it is called Barnafoss.  The water so blue and it looked amazing against the white snow although the pretty snow covered up just how icy it was but hey its all about the experience right.  I am laughing in the picture where I am on the ground, I had just got finished telling Valerie that it was slippery and to be careful.

After the beautiful waterfall we headed back south t0 a volcanic crater called kerið.  It was pretty cool to walk up and look down at the water in the bottom.

After this we headed east in hopes of finding the waterfall Háifoss however we headed into the mountain and I could not see very far in front of me so after stopping for a quick picture with Hjalparfoss waterfall we turned around and headed east.

As we were heading east we of course took a bunch of pictures of any smaller waterfall that lines route 1 or the ring road as it is also known as.  We headed towards Dyrhólaey and decided that we should stop at the black sand beach if we could find it.  We found it and it was amazing we arrived as the sun was low in the sky and starting to set it was a great backdrop for pictures and we could also see Dyrhólaey from where we were so we got some amazing pictures from the other side of the rock formation.  Now I should mention that this wasn’t exactly your typically beach because it was made of black rocks instead of black sand so I don’t know what to tell you as to why people call it the black sand beach.

After that stop we basically went around the mountain to Vik which was where we were staying night we headed to the beach again to take some pictures as the sun was in the final stages of setting and this time I can stay that the beach contained black sand instead of black rocks 🙂 It was pretty cool to see the black sand as well.  While heading towards the beach we discovered that there was a German monumental stone and so of course because Valerie is German we had to find this rock and we did! It was pretty cool although I could not read it Valerie did me the favour of translating it.

Since Vik was where we were staying we headed to find the Puffin Hostel and check in.  The hostel was very quaint and our room was pink and luckily Valerie’s favourite colour is pink so it was perfect.  We had an awesome Hamburger dinner at a very nice and fast restaurant and then we called it a night to end day 1 of our travels east.




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  1. Nice post. It is always a joy seeing the world through others eyes and words.


    1. christinewyville says:

      Thank you – I am very passionate about travelling and hope to see much of the world in the years to come!

      Liked by 1 person

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