Day 2 of Road Trip North and East

Day 2 began with waking up to snow covering the ground.  This made the drive interesting and mother nature once again thought that my driving ability need to be tested with snow, fog, rain, hail and slushy conditions.  It was interesting adventure as we headed to the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.  We made it though and it was pretty cool to see the ice just sitting in the water although I am betting the water was fairly cold and that is why the ice didn’t melt but it was still cool none the less.

From the Glacier Lagoon we began the journey west back to Reykjavik.  We stopped to try and see if we could access Svartifoss which is another waterfall also known as the black waterfall.  We took a picture of where it was located on the map because it was a 2 and half hour walk and we just didn’t have time to walk it and make it back to Reykjavik before it got too dark.

A short while later we stopped at some wreckage wonder why it was still there and not taken away.  What we learned was quite interesting.  The little bit of wreckage that was left behind was to show just how powerful a melted glacier is.  The wreckage was what was left of a bridge and the information board explained that when a volcano that has a glacier on top of it erupts the water is very similar to that of a dam breaking and the bridge was ruined.  Route 1 around the island is quite susceptible to weather conditions and if any part of the road was blocked or damaged and would require people to go the other way around.  If two places are block or damaged then the entire island is in a state of stay meaning that they can’t really go anywhere.  Currently there is a volcano with a glacier on top that could erupt soon. This is a different one from Hekla which  could erupt any day now and is overdue as they say to erupt.

After this is was pretty much just the drive home, however we stopped again at Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss because they were covered in snow and so it was like we were there in 2 different seasons although they were only 3 days apart.

All in all it was a wonderful trip and I am very happy and grateful that Valerie wanted to join me on this adventure!




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