Horseback Riding in Iceland

Valerie and I went horseback riding on an Icelandic horse, so check again to the bucket list.  This time we decided that we should go when it was windy and cold of course.  How else were we going to do it right haha.  Even though it was cold and windy it was still an awesome day although I was sore the next day.  The Icelandic horse is not a pony although isn’t much larger than one.  The saddles are also not western or english still but have features of both.  THis ride was about an hour and half long and was actually really cool.  The Icelandic horse also have more gaits than your regular horse as well you ride this horse different as well.  You usually leave the saddle while moving at a faster pace, however on the Icelandic horses you mustn’t do that, you need to go with the flow of the horse and this is why the saddles are designed differently as well.  During our ride we did encounter the horses spooking and a couple people fell off.  But for beginners that is usually to be expected.  Everyone was alright in the end and no harm done.  Valerie was told that she had an impatient horse and so she had to wait till everyone else was on their horse before she could get on hers, however when we got out onto the trail her horse was being really lazy and would not go faster than a walk unless really forced to go faster it was kind of funny because my horse was always wanting to go faster and at one point Valerie and I ended up riding side by side for a little bit until I eventually had to pass and this kind of made her horse go a little faster.  We were also told that the Icelandic horses were a little competitive and liked to see how could go faster and mine was definitely on of the ones that wanted to go faster than the rest.  All in all I think we both enjoyed ourselves.


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