Iceland’s Food Adventures

While I was concerned with what type of food I would find in Iceland and was not completely surprised when I barely ate any meat then entire time I was here and much to some disappointment I ate a lot of pasta, there were days where we treated our selves and tried new things and made it feel a little more like home.  Our first experiment being creating fortune cookies – or rather mass producing fortune cookies.

 They were a success I would say although we made way to many for people to eat and they began to go soft because we didn’t seal them.  So for those of you looking to make fortune cookies if you want them to stay firm make sure that you seal them before they cool to much.  The next adventure was heading out to find a café that was recommended by Mariana, Kayla and Rita.  Valerie and I headed out to find some apparently awesome cake.  Our review was that it was totally awesome cake!

The cake was followed later by trying some new food.  Thai.  To my surprise I actually liked it and have gone back 2 more times to get more before I leave.  The first time I got something with shrimp and it was a little spicy but the last two times I got a sweet and sour mixture with chicken and it was awesome.

We then proceeded to have treats at our FAM’s (Friday Afternoon Meetings).  The first week we had to bring something chocolate so a lot of us just brought chocolate bars.  The following week however we switched things up and made banana splits.  They were delicious.  We each contributed something to the banana split and if there had of been more people we could have had sprinkles and everything to put on top but I did like it just the way it was.

The surprise was Daniela making us all an amazing pancake breakfast but it wasn’t your ordinary pancake breakfast.  These pancakes were chocolate and had whip cream and chocolate sauce on the inside with caramel sauce drizzled on the outside.  They were so good.

Sadly we are getting very close to the end of our trip and to celebrate our time spent in Iceland Valerie, Daniela and I all went out for breakfast.  The only words that I can use to describe this breakfast was that I didn’t eat anything else till supper.  It was huge but so good.  I had what was called the French Connection.  It consists of 2 French toast, a pancake and ham, cheese and bacon all put into an amazing sandwich.  It was soooo good.

That afternoon we also treated Mariana and Kayla to milkshakes as a thank you and to show our appreciation for our time spent in Iceland and how they made it the best time that it could possibly be.  We were all very grateful for the experience that they gave to us and made us feel very welcome since the first day we arrived.  We all ended up getting different shakes. I had the chocolate, Kayla had Vanilla, Mariana had Strawberry, Valerie had Peanut Butter and Chocolate and Daniela had Carmel.  They all looked so good and mine tasted really good and I imagine the others did too.

That night Kayla made us a wonderful goodbye dinner.  It was avocados with onions and cheese with potatoes and a tomato salad.  It was really good and it was great that I got to try even more new foods.

My time spent in Iceland is almost over but I don’t regret anything about the food here!




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