Northern Lights and The Peace Tower

So on Tuesday night (the 18th of February) Valerie decided that she wanted to eat hot dogs for supper, so me being a nice friend said that I would go with her.  The night started out normal we walked to the bus and on the way we were joking about the northern lights being at a level 2 I think was what I had read and we thought that we could see a faint green tinge in the clouds behind some buildings. So we headed downtown to get the hot dog.  Turns out the hot dog itself was alright but that isn’t the reason I was happy I went.  The plan was to get the hot dog and then walk to Harpa to see if we could see the beam of light being emitted from the peace tower for Ono’s birthday.  Turns out we could and it was cool to see the tower being light up and protruding into the night sky.  The night continued with it being very windy and cold. However, the night got better when we noticed that there was more green in the sky out over the water.  The sky just kept getting greener and greener and valerie and her amazing camera were able to catch the northern lights on film.  I was so happy that I went to get that damn hot dog with her.


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