Road trip to the North!

Marit, Anna and I rented a car and headed north.  I must say that I had an amazing time.  We started the trip off by driving through a tunnel that went under the mountain, no big deal, but then continued to travel under the water across to the other side.  I must say the trip started out pretty good since I can now say that I drove underwater.

We continued to head North in hopes of finding an interesting rock formation known as Hvitserkur.  Highlight of the trip this rock formation that was carved by the ocean from the erosion of water was beautiful.  The beach that was located across from it was black and stretched as far as you could see with the cliffs tower over us.  I had found this natural phenomenon online before my trip and I wasn’t sure that I would actually get to see it on this trip but I did and it lived up to my expectation of it.

From there we continued to head north to a town called Skagastrond.  It was a small town with a beautiful view of the ocean from the top of this hill where there was a compass that told the names of all the mountain ranges within viewing distance.  You could chose to look out at the ocean or look behind you to the mountains or look over the town.  It was a spectacular view.

After stopping in Skagastrond we started heading south back the way we had come.  It was earlier in the afternoon and it was time to head back to Reykjavik.  Along the way Anna’s dad had told her about this gorge that was apparently really pretty so we decided to find it of course, us being all adventurous and such.  What would you know – we found it.  It was gorgeous.  It turned out that it was a waterfall with a legend that the troll Kola had dug the gorge herself and then her and her treasure were buried close by in the hill of a hayfield.  The waterfall was unbelievable it was frozen over in some parts but showed the power of nature because  in other parts the water was flowing uncontrollably.  There was even this section that had frozen over on top, but you could see the water underneath still flowing and cascading down the tiers of the gorge.

All in all it was a pretty good day I would say.  I cannot wait for our next adventure outside of Reykjavik to see all of the amazing places that we might find.

Thank you Marit and Anna for an amazing day!




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