Snorkelling in Silfra

What a day! Valerie, Daniela, Marcel and I all went snorkelling.  When we booked this trip I was really excited and when we got in the van to go snorkelling I was also really excited but then we started getting dressed.  That was when it go interesting and I started to doubt whether or not it was a good idea to actually be doing this.  We were wearing a dry suit because the water was only 2 degrees which meant that we had to put on 2 layers of their suits.  We had a warm wool suit and then the dry suit over top and they were tight.  The first layer the warm suit went on all right it was just tight and I couldn’t really bend down.  Next with that tight suit on we had to get the actual dry suit on that included boots and was really tight around the neck and wrists because you didn’t want any water getting in.  This was where the real struggle began first it was hard to get your actually feet and legs into the suit and once you got those in you had to wiggle the suit up past your hips and then get your arms into the suit.  After that it was the struggle of putting the suit up over your head so that you could be zipped up from the back. It was hard and almost not fun at points.  Once everything was don and you were dressed in your suit you had a nice hood thingy that went on.  It was pretty easy to get on because it was made of wet suit material so your head got wet during this adventure as well as your hands because your gloves were made of the wet suit material as well.

So now we are finally dressed.  It was interested and it was funny to attempt to help others get dressed because I helped Valerie by holding onto her while marcel helped get her legs into the wet suit.  This was the funny part.  Once we were given our fins and goggles we had to walk to the entrance platform.  This was interesting as well because I felt like I was walking like a penguin because  I couldn’t really bend any where but the point was not to swim down the rift valley but rather to float so I guess not being able to walk wasn’t horrible.  We get to the platform.  The fins and goggles go on.  Now it is really becoming really there is the water we are getting into 2 degree water in the middle of the winter where the air temperature is -5 degrees.

So we headed down the stairs and into the water.  It wasn’t bad because the suit did keep you dry but then you put your hands in the water and it hit you.  The coldness seeping through your gloves and chilling your entire body until you finally got used to it…..kinda.  So you float in the water a little until your entire group gets in and then the real fun begins you put your face in the water.  I am not going to tell you all of the words that I thought of when I put my face into the water and looked down into the rift but lets just say the water was really cold and it took a while to get used to it.

At this point I still wasn’t sure I really should do this but I continued on any ways and let me say in the end I am very glad that I did.  The view was amazing, there was some colour and the water was so clear that you could see to the bottom of the rift at times if it was shallow enough to see the bottom.  At times you just kept looking into darkness because of how deep it was.  There was also times where it was so shallow that you could crawl along the rocks to get through.  The water was fresh water and apparently there were fish in the rift but they were the same colour as the rocks.  I also didn’t see any rainbows in the water however I did see a bunch of different colours.  I think it would be colour to go scuba diving not just here but pretty much anywhere in the world.

So we reach the end of the trip and we have to walk back to the get undressed.  The walk back I think I walked better than on the way there which is weird because my hands were frozen as well as my face but I think I was “high” on the experience and the adrenalin from being in the cold water.

All in all it was actually a lot of fun and I am glad that I did it.




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