South Coast Trip

On March 2nd Valerie, Daniela, Mike and I went to see some waterfalls and some beautiful rock formations.  The entire trip with just driving was 5 and half hours long and we didn’t leave till lucky on Sunday so we got back pretty late but it was definitely worth it. 

We started the trip by heading to Seljalandsfoss which is a beautiful waterfall that you can walk behind.  We took some amazing pictures both in front of the waterfall and behind it.  Valerie had never walked behind a waterfall for her so this was something that she was able to check off her bucket list!

Next we headed to Skogarfoss which is another amazing waterfall.  At this stop we saw a rainbow and were able to take pictures with the waterfall and rainbow.  Sometime is faded in and out of view and depending on where you were standing it was sometimes hard to see but it was very pretty to see the contrast of the water and then the different colours of the rainbow.

From here we headed south and unexpectedly we stopped at a glacier called Solheimajokull.  It was pretty cool to see the glacier however the road that we drove on was not ideal.  It was classified as a dirt road however there were a lot of rocks on it that needed to be avoided and we also met a bus on this thinner lane lets call it.  My driving skills from farm land definitely came in handy while avoiding rocks, potholes and large rivets.

Finally we made it to Dyrholaey which is a rock formation that was shaped but the reseeding water and produced a hole in the rock.  Mariana insisted that we were visiting a part of Portugal when we went to this rock so it then became know to us as the Portugal looking rock.  It was an amazing site.  I cannot explain why a like waterfalls and rock formations so much but the thing that I told to my fellow AIESECer’s here in Iceland was that water was so powerful but yet so delicate that it can be destroyed so easily.  We depend on water in our daily lives but then we also pollute it so easily.

All in all it was an amazing road trip with a lot of beautiful sights that will be remembered.




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  1. Wow. Awesome pics and words. You have our interest peeked.


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