The outer edges of Reykjavik

Before Valerie and Daniela left we made a list of things we wanted to see one thing that we did go and see together was Perlan.  Perlan in english means The Pearl and is a landmark in Reykjavik as a look out point over the city.  Perlan is designed as hot water storage and the view deck was added later because of its convient location as a lookout.  Valerie and I wander out and took some cool pictures from that view deck as well with some of the statues outside of the building.

On a separate day when Daniela was able to join us we toured around downtown Reykjavik to Harpa and out into the Old Harbour.  All of the boats were very interesting and some of the shops were pretty cool as well.

Unfortunately  Valerie and I didn’t make it to the lighthouse before she left, but I did make it out to look at the lighthouse and watch the waves crash against the rocks which was really calming.  Both trips were wonderful breaks from the work week and other things.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m going to Iceland in two weeks! Your posts about it is making me so excited it’s unreal!


  2. josefinemk says:

    Looks amazing 👌


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