Videy Island

Mariana and I headed to Videy Island to check out the Peace Tower and the café.  The boat ride was 5 minutes and a little rocky at times because of the wind but it was a good trip across!  Seeing the Peace Tower was great, there were no crowds and we could walk right up to it because it wasn’t lit.  It is being lit again on the 18th of February for Ono’s Birthday so I will hopefully get to see it lit as well.  The café was interesting, the old farm house that was located on the island was slights renovated and now houses the café.  It actually wasn’t that fascinating.

On the walk back from the boat launch there is this little beach and so we decided to stop in order to say that we went to beach in the middle of the winter with snow in the mountains and sand on the ground 🙂

After the Island we headed to Harpa the Opera House to actually go inside and look at the walls and the shape of the building from inside.  It as interesting the way the light was reflected and the number of mirror and just the architecture in general was really cool.  Inside Harpa there was also this cool art work that was basically a bunch of water bottles with different coloured lights in them or different coloured water.  We weren’t  really sure but it looked cool






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