Chasing Waterfalls – Canada

I am intrigued by waterfalls and the only way I can explain my interest is why not – water is natures landscape artist.  It helped to form a lot of the landscape that we seen today and that power that water has is what intrigues me.

  • Weaver Creek Falls – Harrison Park, Owen Sound, Ontario Canada

Weavers Creek Falls - Owensound

  • Walters Falls – the village of Walters Falls, Ontario, CanadaWalters Falls - Walters Falls
  • Jones Falls – Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
    Jones Falls - Owensound
  • Inglis Falls – Owen Sound, Ontario, CanadaInglis Falls - Owensound
  • Indian Falls – Owen Sound, Ontario, CanadaIndian Falls - Owensound
  • Hoggs Falls – Flesherton, Ontario, CanadaHoggs Falls - Flesherton
  • McGowan Falls – Durham, Ontario, CanadaMcGowan Falls - Durham
  • Bridal Veil Falls – Manitoulin Island, CanadaBridal Veil Falls - Manitoulin
  • High Falls – Manitoulin Island, CanadaHigh Falls - Manitoulin
  • Whitefish Falls – Manitoulin Island, CanadaWhitefish Falls - Manitoulin

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