Orana Wildlife Park

Orana Wildlife Park is located outside Christchurch on 80 hectares of land.  This park is classified as an open range zoo.  Orana is present internationally with its zoo-based breeding program for exotic and endangered animals.  The Orana Wildlife Trust is dedicated to environmental preservation and conservation of endangered animals.  Their breeding programs are designed as a breed for release program.  My time at the park was very interesting as I walked around and learned about the many different animals housed here.  Throughout my day I was able to somewhat feed the giraffes as it is their decision if they are hungry and whether to eat or not.  They are not forced to interact with humans and we are not allowed to touch the animals. Throughout my day I learned about a variety of animals as well as attend many feeding sessions where you can get up close to the animals.  I was also able to attend the lion encounter which puts people inside a cage on the back of a truck that drives trough the lion enclosure as the zookeepers feed out raw meat to the awaiting lions.  Over all my day was spent in awe of these amazing creations and learning about what we can do to protect them.  So be aware of what products you buy as souvenirs such as not buying products that have parts of animals in them as they were obtained through poaching and if there is no market then hopefully the amount of poaching will reduce.  It is also helpful to look at what ingredients are in our everyday products.  Oils such as Palm Oil usually is obtained through the destruction of natural habitats resulting in a loss for animals and making it harder for them to survive.  Try to purchase products are either palm oil free or are using sustainable palm oil.



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